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Dry Tanning Services

SKINTIGHT is honored to be able to offer dry tanning services for both local and visiting hunters. We take great pride in creating a more convenient and reliable  option for preserving your hunting trophy. With wall space dwindling and mounting and shipping escalating in cost, dry tanning is a great alternative option for bringing home a physical momento of your hunting experience.  Tanning services are in most cases delivered within 120 days of receiving the frozen skin.  We offer dry tanning services for locals and visitors alike, the standard rate is $200 plus shipping/handling within the US. 

Preparations prior to drop off may have a bearing on the finished product. SKINTIGHT Micro Tannery is not responsible for any flaws directly related to prior care or damage.

It is recommended to keep hide cold and dry until freezing(preferably in first 24hr it should be frozen). Preference is to have the hide folded flesh to flesh along the spine, then folded back and forth in "S" shape(accordion fold) leaving neck on bottom and tail on top. Slide into plastic bag, wrap around snuggly and tape secure. Label and freeze. Schedule a drop off time.

*note these are just preferences to assist in a speedy and clean defrosting process. these are not requirements, just preferences. 

-Service includes green work, salting, tanning and surface refinish-

Deer Hide $185

Large Buck $225

-$20 fee for intact scrotum

Sheep $275+

-price depends on amount of hair care needed; dreads not accepted unless set to be sheared


Currently we Do Not accept the following: Pigs, Cattle, or Canines- Thank You.