Ring Bearer Pillows and Ring Purses

Seal the deal at the alter at your country themed wedding with a one of kind, handmade wedding ring pillow or purse fabricated with deer hide. Some pillows are stuffed with dried herbs like Lavender to provide the most memorable experience. Custom pillows available to match your color scheme, please contact SKINTIGHT Maui to customize your order

Ring Pillow


3"x3" Doe Hide Ring Beare Pillow with natural waxed twine strap with magnet clasp.




3" x 3" Doe Hide Ring Bearer Pillow with Violet Ribbon. Stuffed with dried Lavender for a fresh soothing aroma during that special moment.

Ring Pillows are a new items we are working on. As they develop we will present more options as well as custom ordering. If you are interested please contact us directly.



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